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    Originally posted by andrewza View Post
    Please we don't want to hear it. Scotland is better of in the union.
    Not if you're North of the Tweed-Solway line. Support for independence is now at 52%, and the SNP (which only recruits in Scotland) is now the third-largest political party in the UK (the only bigger parties are the UK-wide big two who form governments).
    Indyref2 - still, "Yes."


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      Originally posted by Sergio View Post
      That is neither here nor there, and it is your opinion. However, his point was about the media coverage that the issue and the campaign got. I agree with him - it was terrible and full of scaremongering. It should have been informative, discussing the issues and providing a variety of viewpoints. Instead it was a negative, we are all doomed and essentially seemed little more than a propaganda campaign.
      Hi Sergio and Ace

      Agreed, the coverage was hyperbolic, in part due to the media, but in the main by all the parties declining to actually discuss & debate the issues. One side was declaring Nirvana was around the corner, the other the End of Days. Its the same with US Media coverage of American politics and life. Each side espousing doom & gloom because of the other side.
      MSN & FNC are the two highly visible extremes of the spectrum, with a varying gamut in between.


      Andy H
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