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Oops! Train Fire in the Mountain State

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  • Oops! Train Fire in the Mountain State

    I wonder how many times has the Alaskan Pipeline caught fire?

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    I'm shocked that no greeniacs have responded yet with a picture of a penguin covered in oil...
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      Originally posted by Cyan67 View Post

      I wonder how many times has the Alaskan Pipeline caught fire?
      Probably fewer times than the average forest.
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        Trouble is, pipelines don't reach everywhere that oil needs to go.

        The other issue is that lot's of things explode, including entire granaries, refineries, chemical plants and a host of other entities.

        Tanker trucks routinely crash and burn, along with trucks full of deadly chemicals, caustic chemicals and lethal cargoes. We cannot replace all of those with "pipelines".

        So the issue isn't abut pipelines, but about safety. For example, if we can make a nuclear containment vessel that can withstand behind hit by a train without rupturing, we can make a better tank car that can withstand the forces of derailment. We can also make a better tanker truck.

        After incidents like Exxon Valdez, the government started requiring double hulls on tankers. Time for some similar measures and some serious re-engineering.

        Oh, BTW, we have a whole lot more forest fires than train derailments causing explosions. Maybe we should consider eliminating all forests, grasslands and flammable structures. We can put the people in those "pipelines" instead.
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