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Should the US provide 'lethal aid' to Ukraine?

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    Originally posted by Johan Banér View Post
    The US shouldn't arm Ukraine. For one thing, it would confirm what Putin wants to be the situation — that Russia is confronting the US.

    The more lopsided the encounter, and the less serioulsy committed the US, the greater the chance Russia can spin it so it can declare "Victory" over the mighty USA.

    If anyone should arm Ukraine, it probably should be the EU. But then, that would require the situation to deteriorate in ways no one really wants. Putin might be fine with facing off — symbolically (where he can win) — against the US. But Russia still needs the rest of Europe. As it is, the EU is nowhere near the unity and resolve that it would entail.

    NATO arming the Baltics some more is probably as good as it might get at the moment.
    This is a US-Russia confrontation and Putin has measured our current president and found him wanting in both moral courage and resolve.

    And the current situation is not good for Europe.



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