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The Environmentalism and Global Warming Thread

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  • Originally posted by Snowygerry View Post
    I suspect this thread will grow so big it will cause global temperature to rise by several degrees all by itself
    Texas Power & light is building a new coal fired plant to cover the anticipated server overloads...
    The trout who swims against the current gets the most oxygen..


    • Originally posted by marktwain View Post

      Texas Power & light is building a new coal fired plant to cover the anticipated server overloads...
      And being in the USA, and West in general EPA regulations of over 40 years duration will require it include a Flue-Gas Desulfurization; FGD; scrubber system to remove sulfur dioxide, a real pollutant which becomes sulfuric acid once in the atmosphere and chemically combined(reacts with) water vapor (cause of acid rain).
      As stringent environmental regulations regarding SO2 emissions have been enacted in many countries, SO2 is now being removed from flue gases by a variety of methods. Below are common methods used:
      For a typical coal-fired power station, flue-gas desulfurization (FGD) may remove 90 percent or more of the SO2 in the flue gases.
      ... (and yes, I know, per "expert" Massena Wiki isn't a valid source to cite, but then he likely never bother to check the references cited at the bottom of the wiki articles ... )

      Certain supposed developed nations like India and China whom are extensive users of coal for electric generation rarely bother with FGD scrubbers for their plants, hence do incur significant SO2 'pollution'.


      • Originally posted by marktwain View Post
        what ELUDES ME IS :
        why you refuse to visit the NOAA website for your answers

        the bolded seems somewhat bellicose, and has no relation to what I wrote.
        a simple home experiment in Molecular resonance.
        Deep freeze an ice cube, and place it with insulated tongs in - your microwave. the microwaves will not melt the cube, until the ambient air converts ice to water, which will heat- then melt the ice.
        the resonance of molecular water changes when the cube freezes.

        Having a somewhat titchy day, are we?.
        Total relation since the other 99.96% of atmosphere, non-CO2 portion is also heating and claim is that it's heat retention of CO2 is the mechanism.


        • [QUOTE=marktwain;n5128873]
          Originally posted by G David Bock View Post

          What eludes me is why you won't point out WHAT within that site you think I should consider and apply towards the point you want ot make.
          I've been there and through it many times and I see an agenda to preserve an agency and jobs, chasing funding/dollar$ designed to "prove" ACC/AGW, NOT engage objective science and hence see little objective relevancy to the site.

          A "simple home experiment" is to take a two liter soda bottle of two litters water at 70 degrees F. and add to it about an quarter teaspoon=0.8ml of water at 75 degrees F. and note how much it raises the temp. of the rest of the two litters in the bottle ...

          Please explain better how this relates to one part of 2,500 CO2 transfers heat to the other 2,499 other element molecules in the atmosphere ...

          Having a lot lately with other organizational demands on my time, plus home yard/garden/household chores and limited patience with obscure and imprecise science references, etc. ...

          ell - this was the "trout fishing in 'Yellowstone park' and associated recipes thread', so one shouldn't be surprised if a discussion of "litters of soda water' sort of, like, dies on the table...

          Be sure to have your soda bottle experiment peer reviewed and published in a reputable scientific journal. The NOAA may be able to aid you with this' if you ask nicely…..

          My "peer review" sort was back here, @ post #1103;

          The "soda bottle" home experiment is a "Bill Nye, he's NOT a science guy" sort of basic one to illustrate the false concept behind ACC/AGW.

          A reminder, if you insist on NOAA website, please be specific as to which of their hundreds of articles you think is relevant to your point/position.


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