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    ACG Forum Rules.

    Participation here is contingent upon agreeing to and abiding by the rules of the forums, an extract of which appears below.

    We invite you to enjoy all that the Armchair General community has to offer. In these Forums you'll explore subjects of interest to you and make new relationships with fellow historians and gamers. There are places to be serious, and even some places to have fun and tell a joke or two. But please always act like a civilized person and never insult others or be excessively crude. The opinions expressed on these forums are not necessarily those shared by Armchair General magazine or the Armchair General website.

    Remember that this is a community that you are joining. Your community! Treat it as such. A good rule of thumb is to never say something in the Forum that you wouldn't say in public place. While we strive to keep an open and friendly atmosphere for discussion at Armchair General, we reserve the right to edit and/or delete inappropriate posts and to bar any member who refuses to get along with others.

    We hope you enjoy the site and thank you in advance for your co-operation.
    As politics can be a passionate and polarizing subject, there are a few key rules that bear repeating. Breaching any forum rule is grounds for action by the ACG Staff.

    One this site we enjoy the company of members from all over the world. While healthy debate is encouraged, please have the courtesy to respect the views of others. Please do not use obscene or offensive language, or engage in personal attacks or "flaming" of other members. This will not be tolerated.
    Behaviour which is either disruptive or which demonstrates a lack of respect for our community as a whole or a particular Member or group of Members is not acceptable and, if necessary, action will be taken to stop this. In addition, potentially libelous comments against any other person or organisation will be removed.
    Racist Remarks, Racial Slurs, Nazi Revisionism, purposeful Revisionist History contrary to known or certain facts, or any commentary calling for the indiscriminate mass murder or genocide of any group based on race, religion, nationality, sexual preference or political beliefs will not be tolerated on the Armchair General (ACG) Forums.
    We do not allow the posting of full articles, unless permission is explicitly granted from the owner. If you wish to post an online article for discussion, please use the leading paragraph(s) as a sample, followed by the link to the full article. Readers can then chose to read the article on the external site and discuss it on our forums after reading it. We respect the copyright holders of external material and we reserve the right to truncate any extended copying and pasting of articles. Articles without proper attribution will be removed completely if brought to the attention of staff.
    The key points for all to remember is to respect one another, to behave politely, and to obey the rules. Armchair General is a wonderful community, and while passionate debate is allowed - indeed encouraged - we must all remember that we are all part of that same community.

    We hope your experience here will be enjoyable and potentially educational.

    ACG Staff

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