Hello All,
My name is Ashley and I am the one that moved the forum to its new hosting location. This was done for security reasons and try to keep the forum from going down every other day. I understand that the new forum looks very different from the old one but I promise almost everything you had before you still have it might just be in a different place.

Items that are gone due to a limitation of the new hosting/ forum update:
- Awards
- Flags

As I was going thought your posts I was able to fix a lot fo the issues you were listing. Below is kind of a running list of issues an what is fixed and what I am still working on.

Items that I have fixed from your comments:
- Smilie are now working.
- Color/Theme changes
- Signature are now showing up. (Here is how to edit them
- Ranking is now showing up.
- Private messaging is now working.

Some issues I am still working on are:
- Missing items from the Calendar
- Like button the posts is giving an error.

One other note I have seen a lot is theme/color related items. I know this is important to all of you but at the moment the most important thing was getting you back a functioning forum with as many features I can get you back from before.

Theme/color is something we can change but it the moment I do not have the time and resources to fix all of the issue and design the site. I did do some theme updates yesterday but it is very time consuming. Please just be patient with the forum as we get it back to as close as I can to what you had before.

If anyone has any issues that they are running in to please let me know in the post below. Please give me as much detail as possible .
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Veneruela arrests company owner over toilet paper

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  • Veneruela arrests company owner over toilet paper

    In the you can't make this $h!+ up category comes the story of one company owner in Venezuela arrested for having toilet paper!

    When a Venezuelan entrepreneur we know launched a manufacturing company in western Venezuela two decades ago, he never imagined he’d one day find himself facing jail time over the toilet paper in the factory’s restrooms. But Venezuela has a way of turning yesterday’s unimaginable into today’s normal...

    ...the entrepreneur turned to the black market, where he found an apparent solution: a supplier able to deliver, all at once, enough TP to last a few months. (We’re not naming the entrepreneur lest the government retaliate against him.) The price was steep but he had no other option—his company was at risk...

    ...No sooner had the TP delivery reached the factory than the secret police swept in. Seizing the toilet paper, they claimed they had busted a major hoarding operation, part of a U.S.-backed “economic war”...
    But, as if that weren't enough... Venezuelan police raided a warehouse found to be full of toilet paper much like most countries make major drug busts...

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    This is what the UK Labour Party wants the UK to be like...
    "To be free is better than to be unfree - always."


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      I'm not surprised
      these countries are nothing like the US, etc
      a lot of people don't realize, or want to realize, [ believe ] how ''third world'' they can be


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        My grandmother used to hoard toilet tissue. Back then when it went on sale, there was a limit per customer. She would send us on our mission, all of us. We were given a task and had to bring back the TP. We had to wait in line all pretending we were not related while each of us shamefully waited in line clutching two 4-packs of 2-ply extra soft and absorbent of the fine tissue available.



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