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Castro - USA owes Cuba $million$

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    While I can understand Uncle Sam getting a tad twitchy about Castro and his mates 'Commie Credentials' at the time of his deposing of Batista's regime - a quick look at the history of US-Cuba relations shows that States' politics hardly covered itself with glory.

    To my mind if things had been handled very differently pre-Castro, the whole 'Cuban Reds' thing might never have happened.


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      Oh I'm certain Obama and Kerry agree with Castro, and they'll shake down the US taxpayers to send Cuba millions.
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        Originally posted by Gixxer86g View Post
        Cuba doesn't produce anything I use in my Jeep.
        That's exactly why Cuba is different.


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          Originally posted by GRA View Post
          As far as I am concerned it is Cuba that owes the USA. I don't even want to hear about ay damned "restitution" until Cuba comes clean with it's files on US POW(s) in Vietnam AND tells us where the Cuban interrogators of that time are living today.

          I mean to tell you, every time I see THE BEARD the same question pops in to my head every time I see Louis Farrakhan; WHY IS THIS LUNATIC STILL ALIVE .. ???

          And as far as communist John Kerry is concerned, he can keep his sorry ass on that miserable rock.
          You do know that we trade with Vietnam?


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            Originally posted by Karri View Post
            Read an article that said it's about 4k a month. Which is absolutely nothing to be honest. Even if you saved each for the past 50 years.
            I'll be happy to live off that.

            You're forgetting all of the Cuban nationals who make a living from working in or around Gitmo.
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              Originally posted by Mountain Man View Post
              I'll be happy to live off that.

              You're forgetting all of the Cuban nationals who make a living from working in or around Gitmo.
              Surprisingly enough there are no longer any Cubans actually working on the base, the last two retired in 2012.
              Over the years, there has been a steady decline in the number of Cubans working at the base.

              As workers aged and retired, the number of commuters dwindled from the hundreds to about 50 people by 1985, according to a base newsletter, the Guantanamo Bay Gazette. By June 2005, it was down to Henry, La Rosa and two others, all earning about $12 an hour, an eye-popping salary by Cuban standards, according to another base newsletter, The Wire.

              Today, most of the work once done by Cubans is performed by workers from Jamaica and the Philippines.


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                Originally posted by Gixxer86g View Post
                Cuba doesn't produce anything I use in my Jeep.
                So you'll have to stick with the blow up dolls maded in China.
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                  Originally posted by johns624 View Post
                  You do know that we trade with Vietnam?
                  Good, so why isn't Cuba?
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                    Cuba trades with most of the countries in the world so this argument is meaningless.

                    55 years of Castro getting everything he wanted to create a socialist paradise ended up with the expected result.



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                      I enjoy vacationing in the Caribbean. Cuba has so far been off -limits to the US traveler. Canadians can enjoy a low-cost, high value vacation at the many world class hotels that have resorts in Cuba. I think that it's time for the value minded US tourist to start re-exploring our neighbor to the south.
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                        Originally posted by G David Bock View Post
                        Fidel Castro to US: You owe us millions

                        Havana (AFP) - Fidel Castro marked his 89th birthday Thursday by insisting the United States owes Cuba "many millions of dollars" because of the half-century-old American trade embargo.

                        Castro spoke out in an essay published in local media a day before US Secretary of State John Kerry makes a historic visit to Cuba to reopen the US embassy as part of the countries' restoration of diplomatic relations.

                        The trade embargo that the United States slapped on communist Cuba in 1962, three years after Castro seized power by ousting a US-backed regime, remains in effect despite the thaw.

                        President Barack Obama wants Congress to lift it, although US officials say this will take time and is not an automatic part of the restoration of ties, as it requires congressional action.

                        Many Republicans, who control both chambers of the legislature, oppose the idea, insisting Cuba has to improve its human rights record and make other democratic reforms.

                        But marxist~socialism is so much better than Capitalism, it shouldn't need to have any dealings or trade with the evil Capitalist nations

                        Besides, many of the evil capitalist nations did continue trade with Cuba. Don't see where it had any "right" for USA to do so or owe it anything.
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