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    Originally posted by Persephone View Post
    I doubt I'll see a female priest in my lifetime. But Pope Francis is the best chance of giving us the first female cardinal. He can, but most likely won't.
    As mentioned, he can in the sense that he could change canon law; as it is now, he cannot. Cardinals could just take minor orders for most of the Church's history, so there isn't a whopping millennium of tradition against non-priests becoming cardinals; but in relatively recent times (1917? I think) the new canon law established that they now need to be ordained priests.

    Changing canon law is no easy feat, but given that Francis seems reform-minded, he might come to that sooner or later. I doubt that he'd change that specific article, however.

    In any case, as mentioned, it would be easier to change that, rather than to change John Paul II's decision concerning female priests.

    I didn't know about John Paul II's joke, thank you for that.


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      Originally posted by Persephone View Post
      I don't think he will either, but he comes across as very open-minded, more so than any other before him.
      I have nothing but respect and admiration for Pope Francis. Even though I also have my doubts that the catholic church will ever accept gay marriage, he is meeting the LGBT community halfway by saying the right things. Since he made that remark, the attitude from the religious-minded has gotten much better.


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        Originally posted by Persephone View Post
        He is certainly keeping his word to crack down on pedophile priests. He named his team to confront the problem and defrock offenders.

        I wonder how will he handle these issues...?
        • Allow women to be priests
        • Change the church's stance on abortion
        • Approve same-sex marriage

        Well, I think the Pope would firstly have to get the OK from his 'Head Office' to change major matters of faith and morals. Yes, the Pope is the earthly boss of the [Roman] Catholic church, BUT it is licence given by a boss he has to give account to.

        In genetic terms, a 'foetus' has all the makings of a human being - all that it lacks is time and nurture and nourishment.

        Jesus doesn't appear to have sanctioned in the Gospels, Jack and Jack, and Jill and Jill, as notable examples for marriage.

        Women as priests, well JC does not appear to have criticised the absence of female clerics in Judaism at the time. Maybe you had better take any beef to the Pope's boss?


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          Originally posted by Wooden Wonder View Post

          Women as priests, well JC does not appear to have criticised the absence of female clerics in Judaism at the time.
          That is correct.

          On the other hand, nor did he criticize the absence of non-Jews in the established clergy of his time and country. Or for that matter, the absence of any priests not belonging to the right Jewish tribes.

          His twelve included a publican tax collector, which was pretty much a no-no; but they did not include a woman. Nor did they include a Roman, or a Greek, or a slave or a former slave.

          So if priests can only be men because all the twelve were men, shouldn't we also conclude that priests can only be ethnically Jewish because all the twelve were ethnically Jewish? Or what about Augustus Tolton, a black Catholic priest who had been a slave. Was ordaining him a mistake, since none of the twelve, that we know of, was or had been a slave? Or was an African?

          Just asking.
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