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  • I recently finished reading THE GHOST: THE SECRET LIFE OF CIA SPYMASTER JAMES JESUS ANGLETON by JEFFERSON MORLEY. The author is one of our top JFK researchers and has his own excellent website on these matters (I keep a watchful eye on his website). This book is a major contribution to the notion of the CIA involvement with Lee Harvey Oswald.


    • Thanks Bo for the recommendation.



        Yes my dear friend Father Copenhagen's thread has now returned from an appearance of death.

        I desire to report to my fellow investigators an outstanding work that is related to the thread by way of a study of the mode of operations involving a nation in Latin America but has profound implications for Cuba and our subject matter. The book is as follows: THY WILL BE DONE: THE CONQUEST OF THE AMAZON: NELSON ROCKEFELLER AND EVANGELISM IN THE AGE OF OIL by GERARD COLBY and CHARLOTTE DENNETT.

        Upon study and reflection upon this work, one can have a profound understanding to what was occurring in Cuba and what the future was to be for Cuba at the time of JFK. It also will imply why JFK was murdered in a conspiracy on the highest level of the Corporate Deep State and what type of persons compose the Deep State.

        Here is from the ABOUT THIS BOOK located on the kindle copy thereof:

        "A blistering expose of the USA's secret history of financial, political, and cultural exploitation of Latin America in the 20th century, with a new introduction (Publishers Weekly)."

        What happened when a wealthy industrialist and a visionary evangelist unleashed forces that joined to subjugate an entire continent?-------tell the story of the forty-year campaign led by Standard Oil scion Nelson Rockefeller and Wycliffe Bible Translators founder William Cameron Townsend to establish a US Imperial beachhead in Central and South America.""

        "Beginning in the 1940s, future Vice President Rockefeller worked with the CIA and allies in the banking industry to prop up repressive governments------destabilize local economies all in the name of anti-Communism.""


        • Here's a peek at a the above said book and it reflects how it is supportive of my longtime agenda of showing some of the grounds used for those who would find motivation to kill JFK:

          "David Rockefeller's Chase Bank, of course, had long backed dictatorial reigns in Cuba, both Batista's and that of his predecessor, Gerardo Machado. When the revolution (Cuban) came, there went the value of notes issued by these regimes, one of the largest holders of which was Case.
          Finally and for one Rockefeller, fatally there were the holding of FREEPORT SULPHUR in Cuba, one of the largest and riches nickel deposits in all the world. On Freeport's board a number of Rockefeller allies and Rockefeller family members had sat.
          In 1959, on the heels of Cuba's new tax laws (Castor) (which effectively nationalized the country's mineral resources, including Freeport's rich Nicaro deposits), Freeport had initiated a search for a new, equally lucrative investment. The company found it in Dutch New Guinea."

          Remember the Mountain of Gold and Copper found in Dutch New Guinea and how JFK interfered with the corporate takedown of Indonesia/Dutch riches valued in the trillions of dollars!!! Its the same place!!!


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