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  • Originally posted by Mystikeye View Post
    Bugliosi's book came out in 2006, well after the 1990's. I grew up believing there was a conspiracy also since most books and such were pro- conspiracy. Leading up to the House Select Committee hearings in the late 70's, when I was in high school. It wasn't until after JFK movie in the early 90's when I read Case CLosed and watched a PBS documentary that swayed me to possibly Oswald alone did it. Then later with Bugliosi's book and more doc's that I am pretty sure he acted alone. It may turn out someday that he was part of something. Like I said I'm open minded on the subject. But Oswald did in fact kill JD TIppet that is as concrete a case as there can be. Not even arguable. Either way it don't mean much anymore. Young people could care less.
    Much of bugliosis research is from the mock trial which was in the 80s. It ignores and he continues to ignore the mass of evidence that strongly indicates that Oswald did not do anything alone. The Zapruder film especially backed up by the Parkland doctors alone shows that the 3 shot Warren commission was a crock. The timing of tippets murder in line with lho being in the cinema makes that case not concrete at all however even if he did it does not mean he shot JFK alone. You mentioned the hsca. If gaeton fonzis work doesn't make you question the likes of bugliosi and especially the Warren commission well then I cannot help you there. LHO was a slam dunk asset of US intelligence. CIA, ONI and probably an informant for the FBI.

    I do agree however that many people think that the JFK assassination will be a film plot set in an airport near New York.
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      Originally posted by GRA View Post
      This film clip I saw put forth the theory that LHO's mom had a double, and/or they were actually 2 different people.

      In some ways the documentary is kind of far-fetched, but ... I keep seeing over and over how there was all kinds of body-doubles and switches being used throughout the years, to include the JFK fiasco. Weren't there reportedly more than one LHO seen in Mexico City?

      Some of you may not find this to be good once I get it on here but I did want everyone to see it and relate what they get from it.

      Thanks again for the patience.
      OK folks ... thanks so much for all your patience. I finally found it. My mistake was searching under LHO Mother and not 2 LHO(s). This is the information from YouTube:

      Now please be advised that you may find it best to sit back and watch this at least once all the way through when you have plenty of time and wont be disturbed because it IS DEEP. Lots of "black is white and white is black" here.

      Unless you're as sharp as a well-honed tack, you'll most likely feel you need to watch it at least twice. For only a little more than 40 minutes there's a lot of information here and a real good theory. IMHO ... it's either absolutely brilliant or it's simply too far-fetched.

      Regardless ... I said I would find it and finally I did. I wanted to keep my word and post it up.


      • Perhaps much here already covered, I haven't followed this thread much, but this is a recent new article, so here for ref. ...

        Journalist’s tell-all on mobster tied to JFK might have gotten her killed

        The morning after that show, on Nov. 8, 1965, the 52-year-old newspaper columnist hailed by The Post as “the most powerful female voice in America” was dead in her Manhattan town house. Her body was found sitting up in a bed, naked under a blue bathrobe, with the makeup, false eyelashes and a floral hair accessory she had worn on TV still on.

        After an autopsy, the city’s chief medical examiner, James Luke, put on Kilgallen’s death certificate: “Acute Ethanol and Barbiturate Intoxication, Circumstances Undetermined.” Luke ruled her death accidental, caused by a combination of sleeping pills and booze.
        Kilgallen, who called “laughable” the Warren Commission’s conclusion that Oswald acted alone, launched her own probe. She compiled a thick file of evidence, interviews and notes, *always keeping it close or under lock and key.

        After her death, the dossier was nowhere to be found.

        “Whoever decided to silence Dorothy, I believe, took that file and burned it,” Shaw says.

        In a letter to Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. to be delivered Monday, Shaw cites fresh evidence unearthed by him and others.

        It includes never-before-released lab results from Kilgallen’s autopsy he obtained under the Freedom of Information Law.

        They reveal the presence of two additional barbiturates in Kilgallen’s system — Tuinal and Nembutal — not just the first-reported Seconal, a sleeping pill for which she had a prescription. The tests also revealed a powder residue on a glass found at her bedside, suggesting that someone opened capsules and poured drugs into her drink, Shaw writes.
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        • Oh yes Dorothy Kilgallen. Supposedly got a proper interview with Jack Ruby and claimed she was going to blow the case wide open. Then suddenly lost the will to live.


          • 'You may be paranoid, but that doesn't mean they may not be out to get you'.


            • The issue with the article in itself is that the author Mark Shaw whose book the article is about is going down the line that the mob bumped her off as she was going to say Carlos Marcelo masterminded the whole thing. Now I'm ready to accept that the mafia may well have killed people related to the case and maybe they did kill her to smother any connection but that the mob did it alone. No. I myself went down this rabbit hole off the back of the dodgy Lamar Waldron research which people can see I did early in this thread as did Robert Blakey in the 1970s as part of the HSCA. The connections to the CIA are massive but that the mob acted as mastermind , I don't think so. If this article had been about the CIA , the New York Post wouldn't have run it.
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              • I'm fairly sure Levon Helm had the inside on this question.


                "Still got the shovel!" ROFLMAO

                "The world aint what it seems, is it Gunny. The moment you think you got it figured, yer wrong."


                • It's a good scene


                  • Let us remember and never forget that the agents of the Deep State worked very hard to project the false history that AD Jim Garrison was crazy and that Clay Shaw was a simple successful New Orleans businessman being wrongly harassed by the said DA.

                    Here's from the outstanding book: DESTINY BETRAYED: JFK, CUBA, AND THE GARRISON CASE:

                    "One thing Phelan never did was admit the truth about Clay Shaw. Even though Phelan did not pass away until September of 1997, he always resisted admitting Shaw's ties to the CIA as much as he did own ties to the FBI. Today, with the declassification process of the ARRB, these are SIMPLY UNDENIBLE."-------

                    "This deception can begin to be exposed just by looking at who Shaw worked for and with: the International Trade Mart and its sister organization, International House. As the author has shown in this book, one of Kennedy's largest splits with the Eastern Establishment was that he was a proponent of the Third World nationalism. Shaw's two agencies were early advocates for what we term today as globalism or the One World free trade doctrine."---

                    "When Shaw returned from his intelligence duties in World War II, he went to work at the New Orleans branch of International House. International House was founded by the Rockefellers and spread worldwide.----

                    "The New Orleans branch of International House was important because the port of New Orleans served as a gateway into Latin America. Considering the fact that American businesses had many holdings south of the border, IH and the ITM were important envoys into Latin America for the elite families who controlled so much of the energy, stocks and bonds, and banking industry."


                    • Please allow continuation of the above:

                      "His (Clay Shaw) overt work for the globalist designs of the Eastern Establishment was the visible complement to his covert intelligence work. Shaw began his intelligence career in the Army during World War II. As he admitted in his entry in WHO'S WHO IN THE SOUTHWEST for 1963-64, Shaw served as aide-de-camp to General Charles Thrasher. As discovered in an Army manual by the superb archives researcher Peter Vea, Thrasher's unit fell under Special Operations Section, or SOS, a branch of military intelligence. When he returned to New Orleans after the war, Shaw becamea friend of Ted Brent a self made millionaire and "Queen Bee" of the local homosexual underground. It was Brent who became Shaw's benefactor and aided him in his move up into the business world in New Orleans. That is from IH to Mississippi Shipping Company to the founding of the International Trade Mart. And it was in this phrase of his career where Shaw's association with the CIA began. As Jim Garrison once noted, the CIA used Mississippi Shipping as a conduit for intelligence gathering into Latin America. Once the ITM was established, Shaw began his work as an overseas informant to both Latin America and Eastern Europe.----because the CIA considered Shaw such an important and valued asset that they created a "Y" file for him. William Davy discovered a handwritten note in the CIA declassified files sayings that one of the files had been destroyed."


                      • Its been over 54 years since our President John F. Kennedy and Dallas LEO James Tippet were murdered by that twisted piece of Marxist crap Lee Harvey Oswald.


                        • Originally posted by copenhagen View Post
                          Oh yes Dorothy Kilgallen. Supposedly got a proper interview with Jack Ruby and claimed she was going to blow the case wide open. Then suddenly lost the will to live.
                          And maybe she had nothing, and was too ashamed to go in front of the world and say so, and commited suicide rather than eat crow, and retract her unproven claims. Her claims she was going to blow the case wide open could of been just bravado.

                          The best book I read on the subject was Furhman's "A Case of Simple Murder". Furhman says there were a lot of conspiracies with the JFK murder, but just not about who killed him. There were conspiracies to hide the fact that evidence was lost, that the person's performing the autopsy were not experience in performing autopsy of of murder victims, and a list of others, but Furhman still supported Oswald as the lone gunman, even though he rejected single bullet theory.

                          I think many people would rather believe in a conspiracy rather than accept that the investigation of the assasination of the US most important man was conducted in a rather sloppy manner, and that a single looney could kill so important a person. If someone like Oswald could kill a person as guarded as the president, and his murder investigation was conducted in such a slip shod manner, what hope there for the rest of us peons? A person like Oswald could kill any one of us, we aren't safe. However, if it was a conspiracy, then we are safe, because no one would wasted such an effort on people as unimportant as us, that is why people are so prone to believe in a conspiracy.


                          • Here's another little jewel helpfully revealed to us in the outstanding book source cited above:

                            "Peter Vea discovered a very important document while at the National Archives in 1994. Attached to a listing of Shaw's numerous contacts with the Domestic Contact Service, a listing was attached which stated that Shaw had a COVERT SECURITY APPROVAL IN THE PROJECT QKENCHANT. This was in 1967 and the present tense was used, meaning that Shaw WAS AN ACTIVE COVERT OPERATOR FOR THE CIA WHILE GARRISON WAS INVESTIGATING HIM. When William Davy took this document to former CIA officer Victor Marchetti, and interesting conversation ensued. As Marchetti looked at the document he said, "That's interesting...He was...He was doing something there." He then said that Shaw would not need a covert security clearance for domestic contacts service. He then added, "This was something else. This would imply that he was doing some kind of work for the Clandestine Services."-----

                            --"And this is what E. Howard Hunt was working for at the time." And in fact, Howard Hunt did have such a covert clearance issued to him in 1970 while he was working at the White House."


                            • Here's another peek at the invaluable book DESTINY BETRAYED:

                              "The next stop in the CIA ladder after his (Clay Shaw) high level overseas informant service was his work with the strange company called Permindex. When the announcement for Permindex was first made in Switzerland in late 1956, its principle backing was to come from a local banker named Hans Seligman. But as more investigation by the local paper was done, it became clear that the real backer was J. Henry Schroder Banking Corporation. This information was quite revealing. Schroder's had been closely associated with ALLEN DULLES and the CIA for years. ALLEN DULLES'S connections to the Schroder banking family went back to the thirties when his law firm, SULLIVAN AND CROMWELL, first began representing them through him. Later, DULLES was the bank's General Counsel. In fact, when DULLES became CIA Director, Schroder's was a repository for a fifty million dollar contingency fund that DULLES personally controlled. Schroder's was a welcome conduit because the bank benefited from previous CIA overthrows in Guatemala and Iran. Another reason that there began to be a furor over Permindex in Switzerland was the fact that the bank's founder, Baron Kurt von Schroeder, was associated with the Third Reich, specially Heinrich Himmler."
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                              • Let us continue briefly with the same source DESTINY BETRAYED from above. If one is to purchase only one book on the Coup of 1963 this is the book to obtain.

                                'The project now became stalled in Switzerland. It now moved to Rome. In a September 1969 interview, Shaw did for PENTHOUSE MAGAZINE, he told James Phelan that he only grew interested in the project when it moved to Italy. Which was in October of 1958. Yet a State Department cable dated April 9 of that year says that Shaw showed great interest in Permindez from the outset.
                                One can see why. The Board of Directors was made up of bankers who had been tied up with FASCIST GOVERNMENTS, people who worked the Jewish refugee racket during World War II, a former member of Mussolini's cabinet, and the son-in-law of Hjalmar Schact, the economic wizard behind the Third Reich, who was a friend of Shaw's. These people would all appeal to the conservative Shaw. There were at least four international newspapers that exposed the bizarre activities of Permindez when it was in Rome. One problem was the mysterious source of funding no one knew where it was coming from or going to. Another was that its activities reportedly included assassination attempts on French Premier Charles de Gaulle. Which would make sense since the founding member of Permindez, Ferenc Nagy, was a close friend of Jacques Soustelle. Soustelle was a leader of the OAS, a group of former French officers who broke with de Gaulle over his Algerian policy. They later made several attempts on de Gaulle's life, which the CIA was privy to. Again, this mysterious source of funding, plus the rightwing, NEO-FASCIST DIRECTORS created another wave of controversy. One newspaper wrote that the organization may have been "a creature of the CIA -- funds in Italy for illegal political espionage activities." The Schroder connection would certainly suggest that."


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