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Spain unemployment tops 20 percent

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  • Spain unemployment tops 20 percent

    April 30, 2010 2:51 p.m. EDT

    MADRID, Spain (CNN) -- Unemployment in Spain has reached 20 percent, meaning 4.6 million people are out of work, the Spanish government announced Friday.
    The figure, from the first quarter, is up from 19 percent and 4.3 million people in the previous quarter. It represents the second-highest unemployment rate in the European Union, after Latvia, according to figures Friday from Eurostat, the EU's statistics service.
    more from CNN
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    "This breaking news just in - Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead!"


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      A new version of the Domino theory is about to be demonstrated.

      Years ago, some bunch of geniuses were patting each other on the backs. It seems they were very proud of the fact that all the world's economies were tied to each other, so that if one collapsed the entire world would go to crap.
      It seems these stupid humans needed that kind of encouragement to do the right thing.

      Welcome to the age of the Starvation Wars, and a new Dark Age.


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        And its getting better, growing stronger, warm and wiser, its getting better every day!!



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          Unemployment is set to get worse given the scale of the Government need to reduce the countries hugh public debt mountain.
          War is less costly than servitude


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