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    The Austrian soldier Toni P. of the Radetzky barack in Horn Nether Austria was forced by his commander to make an march with his comrades in 3th August 2017, although he called for an medzine doctor because he felt ill. He died on the militarymarch of an heart collapse. A friend of Toni P. intended to charge the commander for that deth of his comrate. The commander heart of that and ordered an other soldier to kill.that friend of Toni P., that he cannot be charged in justice. Toni P.'s friend and the ordered soldier were on barackwatch together. There that ordered soldier shot death Toni P.'s friend. After that crime je said that shot was an accident.Although he was convicted for murder by Austrian justice. That soldier did not say, that his commander had ordered him to kill his comrade on the watch. Now he is 20200805_085740.jpg in prison for life and his commander never could be charged for two killings.

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