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Franz Joseph, the unlucky Emperor of Austria Hungary.

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  • Franz Joseph, the unlucky Emperor of Austria Hungary.

    Franz Joseph becane emperor in 1849. He Lost tue battle of Königgrötz against Prussia in 1866. The Prussuan soldiers had better guns than the Austrians. 44000 Austrian soldiers were killed in that battle. Then 1889 the son of Franz Joseph Grandduke Rudolph commited suicide in his huntingcastle in Mayerling in Nether Austria. Before his death he killed his girlfriend Countess Vetsera. The Franz Joseph's wife Empress Elisab 20200312_050101.jpg20200312_050201.jpg20200312_050342.jpg20200312_050701.jpg20200312_050759.jpg20200312_050940.jpg eth (Sissy) was killed by the Anarchist Luigi Lucheni. Then in 1914 Franz Joseph's thronsuccessor Grandduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife was killed by the Serb Gavrillo Princip. Franz Joseph declared then war to Serbia for revenge. He did not now, that Serbia was an Ally of Russia. That was the Origin of the I World War.

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