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Thief tries to nick the Magna Carta.

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  • Thief tries to nick the Magna Carta.

    Police have shared CCTV footage of the man accused of attempting to steal the Magna Carta from Salisbury Cathedral.

    Mark Royden, 47, from Kent, is accused of using a hammer to smash the protective case before trying to steal the 800-year-old document from the cathedral last October.

    On Tuesday, Wiltshire Police released footage of the moments leading up to the attempted robbery.

    It shows a man walking through the cathedral wearing yellow gloves and clear glasses, before the camera is knocked and people begin to run out of the building.

    Royden's trial began at Salisbury Crown Court on Monday, and the court heard he tried to steal the 13th century document because he had doubts about its authenticity.

    Prosecutor Rob Welling told Salisbury Crown Court that it was the actions of "good-spirited" members of the public that prevented the robbery and his escape.
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    You have to wonder at his motive. Why ?
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      Mark Royden told police he doubted authenticity of 1215 charter after smashing case...
      He was really just conducting historical field research apparently.

      He looks just like sceptical historian too…

      His comments included: “You can’t talk to me about the holy grail, so to speak. If you find a bag on the floor which says cocaine on it, you would have to test that bag forensically. As for your holy grail, you would need a carbon test and a trace element test.”
      He makes as much sense as some of our members here
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