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Romanian referendum on gay marriage ban

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  • Romanian referendum on gay marriage ban

    It will take place 3 weeks from now and there's no way it will be repealed like Proposition 8 was in the US because in Romania the Constitutional Court had to first review and approve the proposed constitutional amendment. Which it did. So once the referendum is declared valid and the result is yes for a ban then the ban will go in force.

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    "Live and let live". Well, apparently not.
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      I'm all for gay marriage; why should they be happy?
      "The thing about quotes on the internet is that you cannot confirm their
      validity." - Abraham Lincoln.
      "Nothing's going to change while one side it lying about the cause and the other is lying about the solution" - Me


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        The politicians opposing this referendum know they are operating in a conservative society and are too afraid to call on voters to vote against, so instead of that they are asking people not to go out and vote because that would allegedly somehow be a vote in favour of the ruling party.
        So they're trying to turn legitimate grievances against the ruling party and the government into a boycott in order for the referendum not to be validated.
        Pretty cowardly behaviour and I'm determined to go out and vote because of it. Democratic consultations should be encouraged, not boycotted, even if you may not like the result.


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