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In shadow of Brexit, NATO considers Russian deterrence

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  • In shadow of Brexit, NATO considers Russian deterrence

    NATO leaders meet in Warsaw on Friday to cement a new deterrent against what they see as an emboldened Russia, returning to Cold War-style defense with Washington again taking the part of Europe's protector.

    Britain's decision to quit the European Union, along with a migration crisis and Islamic militancy, leaves U.S. President Barack Obama seeking a show of unity at his last alliance summit to fend off accusations that NATO is obsolete and to dampen any Russian perceptions of weakness in the Western camp.

    "The NATO summit was not supposed to be about Britain," said Ian Bond at the Centre of European Reform think-tank in London. "But NATO leaders will not be able to ignore the security implications of Britain's vote to leave the EU," he said.

    Even with such a proliferation of issues, including a resurgent Taliban in Afghanistan and Iran's ballistic missile arsenal, the two-day summit will be dominated by NATO's response to Russia and a conflict in Ukraine that the West accuses Moscow of fomenting at a cost of more than 9,000 lives.
    Reuters - Full Article

    I'm unsure, but from what I saw the EU was very (very) weakly integrated on defense. NATO always seemed like the actual military muscle for the EU, so I can't imagine the Brexit having a monumental effect there.

    What I find more interesting is if this will see the EU and UK states further relying upon the American defense umbrella.

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