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Whole of Belgium Given Anti-Radiation Pills

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  • Whole of Belgium Given Anti-Radiation Pills

    Maybe it is just a response to Belgium's ageing nuclear power plants, maybe it is in response to radical Islam's desire to spread radioactive material over the nation.
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    Small correction : it is not : given , but : will be given ,and,given the efficiency of the Belgian administration, it will happen somewhere in the far undetermined future .

    I doubt that it will even happen .


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      Have you been told why they are sending the tablets?
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        No of course .


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          Following an official site it is not advisable to take these pills when one is older than 40.

          And it has leaked out that the present stock of pills has expired since three years :they are only good for the dust-bin .

          Now the minister has decided to buy a new stock ,but the stock must first be produced and than be distributed to the pharmacists,which will take a lot of time .

          And, the government probably expects that if there is a nuclear disaster, the first reaction of the population will be to queue at the door of the pharmacist.

          And if it happens at a weekend when most pharmacies are closed? One can not expect the government to use its brains to produce an answer on such questions .


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            Meh eat some seaweed...
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              Expired pills? Do Belgium nuke plants still complie with international rules. We have evac routes, busses, assambly points and pills kept away from the actaul planet. Took partin a drill. They wanted to see how long it would take to evac people from the plant to a save zone. Rather borring day i felt sorry for the SPCA since they had a full team deployed even though there was no animals in the drill.
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                They're not distributed among the population but among pharmacies, the idea being that not enough would be available in case of need.

                It would basically be a legal requirement on pharmacies to keep a sufficient stock.

                Currently sufficient stocks are kept to supply everybody in a 20km radius around any(not just in Belgium but just across the border as well) nuclear installation, that is to be increased to 100, basically covering the entire population.

                Final decision yet to be made in June.
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