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Mumbai bomber’ slips into EU in Isis plot

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  • Mumbai bomber’ slips into EU in Isis plot

    Mumbai bomber’ slips into EU in Isis plot
    Muhammad Usman Ghani, who is linked to the Lashkar-e- Taiba (LeT) and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi was part of ISIS "strike team" sent to Europe before last November's Paris attacks..........has been detained near Salzburg, in Austria, on charges of participating in a terrorist organisation.
    Usman and Haddadi arrived on the Greek island of Leros on October 3 on the same boat as two of the Paris suicide bombers.

    Initially arrested by Greek police as it was found they were traveling under stolen passport known to be with ISIS.

    Eventually allowed by Greeks to travel to Europe. Usman and Haddadi resurfaced in Germany and applied for asylum.

    At present under detention in Austria.

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    Muhammad Ghani Usman, who is known as a veteran bomb maker to Authorities.

    Lashkar-e-Taiba, an al-Qaeda affiliate from Pakistan, was behind the Mumbai attacks eight years ago that killed 164 people.


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      Accolading to Indian Gov. "propaganda" they'd all been caught and executed. Was he a spectre?
      Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe (H G Wells)
      Mit der Dummheit kaempfen Goetter selbst vergebens (Friedrich von Schiller)


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        Originally posted by MarkV View Post
        Accolading to Indian Gov. "propaganda" they'd all been caught and executed. Was he a spectre?
        Do you any link or proof to show the forum that it was propaganda.

        Are you ruling out the possiblity that Peace Loving Non Violent Kashmiri separatist, could join ISIS.

        Or They have decided that only Hindus are Infidel and decided to spare
        Shia , Christian, Ahmadiyas in Pakistan and Europe.


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          Further Details For the benefit of honorable Forum Members.

          Further Details For the benefit of honorable Forum Members.

          The Possible Face of Terror

          A MAN with suspected links to a bombing attack in Pakistan that killed 164 people in 2008 is one of droves of terrorists who posed as refugees to gain entry to Europe and now pose an “imminent” threat, according to investigators.
          Muhammad Ghani Usman, who is thought to be a bomb-maker for the Pakistani terrorist group responsible for the Mumbai bombings in 2008, has been taken into police detention near Salzburg.

          Usman, 34, is currently being held on charges of participating in terrorist organisation Lashkar-e-Taiba, along with Adel Haddadi, 28, who is a suspected Algerian ISIS fighter with links to the terrorist cell responsible for the Paris Attacks.
          The pair were arrested again in December after a fingerprint search linked them to the passports stolen by ISIS.

          When investigators seized their phones, they discovered the pair had dialled numbers used by the Paris attackers and the atrocities’ alleged ringleader, Abdelhamid Abaaoud.

          According to French investigators, Abaaoud boasted to a friend he had helped get over 90 jihadists into Europe as refugees before he was killed in a shootout with cops.


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            LeT, the Pakistani group behind the Mumbai atrocities, is locked in a bitter rivalry with Isil. Last November, days after the Paris attacks, it issued a statement condemning Isil as a “product of anti-Islamic Western countries”.

            Isil countered by denouncing LeT as a puppet of the “apostate Pakistani army”. It is not clear if Mr Ghani, the arrested man, is thought to have defected from the Pakistani group to Isil. LeT is dedicated to the “liberation” of Kashmir from Indian rule and the establishment of an Islamic state.

            The report also linked Mr Ghani to Lashkar-e Jhangvi (LeJ), a separate Pakistani militant group known to be active in Syria. LeJ is a Sunni extremist group which shares a virulent hatred of Shia Muslims with Isil. Most of its attacks in Pakistan have been targetted at the country’s Shia minority. LeJ militants are believed to have fought in Syria and Iraq, and the group is suspected of Isil links.


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