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19th century law allowed Belgium bombers freedom

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  • 19th century law allowed Belgium bombers freedom

    BRUSSELS A 19th-century law has become the latest flashpoint in the finger-pointing over who failed to prevent last week's terror attacks at Brussels Airport and a metro station.

    Two suspects, brothers Khalid and Ibrahim El Bakraoui killed in the airport suicide bombings had been conditionally released from prison for a previous crime because of the 1888 law.

    Ibrahim El Bakraoui was sentenced to 10 years for shooting at a police officer in 2010. He served four years and nine months before being let go. And Khalid El Bakraoui served three years of a five-year sentence for a 2011 armed robbery before he was set free in 2013.

    Both men violated the terms of their conditional release Khalid was in contact with former criminal associates, while Ibrahim failed to show for appointments with his justice assistant but police were unable to locate and re-arrest them.

    The brothers would still be serving their sentences were it not for the law Lejeune, named for Belgian justice minister Jules Le Jeune, who introduced it in 1888. The law allows inmates to be released from prison after they served a third of their sentence.
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    And since more than 20 years (now again) the politicians promise that they will amend/abolish the law, but nothing has been done and nothing will be done,because the League for the Protection of the Criminals (= the Liberals) is to powerful.


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