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Europe's Most Beautiful Towns

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  • Europe's Most Beautiful Towns

    As rated by the Japanese, but some real stunners here and very few I ever heard of. Gives me the travel bug again.
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    Warendorf in Germany:

    Famous for the Westfalian Horsebreeds, a Patrician village that survived the destruction of the thirty years war.

    Remnant of the old ringed city wall still exist, plaus a guard tower. The farm I was born on, is 9 km from the village in an eastern direction.

    Warendorf was also famous for it's delicious Crayfish recipes until 1970.
    When the government decided to regulate creeks and rivers, making this species distinct. I remember going on fishing trips with my Dad to the Alte Hessel River, and returning with a whole 20 liter bucket full of those creatures. We cooked them like lobsters in salt water only, and they did taste better than lobsters. Some of the largest ones we caught, where almost half the size of their ocean relatives.


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      The Japanese probably rated Conwy highly because of the availability of Lava Bread.
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        Two glaring omissions

        Plovdiv, Bulgaria

        Bled, Slovenia

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          I would have thought Bibury, England would have made the list as well


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            Beautiful! All of them!
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              Why have they rated a field and five beached and one floating, row-boats? Oh! and not forgetting the picturesque row of shacks at the waters edge aptly named Koprivshtitsa,

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                Originally posted by Skoblin View Post
                I would have thought Bibury, England would have made the list as well

                The Japanese certainly flock to Bibury. I was there in the summer and they took the place over. There is a trout farm there where the fish should now be obese given the amout of fish food my son threw in there at 1 a cup. It is very small though, maybe not ranking as a town. The Cotswold villages collectively are worth a trip. Judging from the 30 in the article and others that people have posted there is stiff competition though.
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