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Austrian soldier Niki Wendl

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  • Austrian soldier Niki Wendl

    Niki Wendl enlisted, he was recruited forcely as all other Austrian youngsters by the goverment, in the wireless troop-school the Starhemberg-barrack in the Vienese district Favoriten 18 years old in October 2009. He was never trained on a wireless, he said during his base military training, he had only once to make a 20 km march in his fighting-suit. He also said that he was only two times at the rifle range for sharpshhooting and therfore he had no exact shooting training. At the military exercise he only learned to move in a fighting field, how to watch the enemy-stations secretly and the diging of trenches. At the end of his 6 month lasting military service he was the secretary of the economy-sergant of his company. Finaly he is comeing to that conclusion, that a profesional army would be better for Austria because there were less soldiers, higher payings and a better military education.
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    I wouLd agree. I'm signal, and I wasn't even out of IET at the 6 month mark. He shouldn't be surprised at his lack of ability given such a short amount of time for training and no operational experience.


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