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Sir Cyril Smith: Former MP sexually abused boys, police say

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  • Sir Cyril Smith: Former MP sexually abused boys, police say


    27 November 2012

    Sir Cyril Smith was a sex abuser of boys in the late 1960s, police have accepted. The news comes as the Crown Prosecution Service admitted he should have been charged with the crimes more than 40 years ago.

    In a statement, Greater Manchester Police said the boys "were victims of physical and sexual abuse" by the ex-Rochdale MP. Sir Cyril was never charged despite investigations in 1970, 1998, and 1999.

    A file compiled by Lancashire Constabulary in 1970, contained allegations made by eight men that they had been subjected to indecent assaults by Sir Cyril, when they were teenagers.
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    I'm surprised they could say anything after they'd had that on top of them. Who's next, Robbie Williams ?
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      From what I've read and heard there's no doubt there was something going on, but there's a huge difference between being charged and being found guilty!

      I suspect that if he had been tried in the 70's then he may well have escaped punishment, but maybe, just maybe it would have stopped any future actions. The thinking today is that he saw the lack of a trial etc as a 'green light' to commit further abuse.

      Sadly for the victims and for society, no fitting punishment can befall Smith beyond the grave. The other side of the coin being Smith's family now coming to terms with the legacy of their 'hero' family member being actually far from the persona & person they knew.

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