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Paralympics kicking butt

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  • Paralympics kicking butt

    London's paralympics must be the most powerful example of human courage and achievement in the world right now. Watching a young Royal Marine who lost his legs in Afganistan bring the flame into the stadium on a zipwire was increadibly powerful. A real statement of determination in the face of hardship.

    Watching Hannah Cockroft trouncing all competitors in the wheelchair sprint yesterday was as good an example of sports excellence as any in the main Olympics.

    Why do these games get so little coverage in many countries? Apparently main US networks are not even covering them live. What's up with that?
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    These people have some serious bottle. Saw a girl dive into a pool with only her right arm and right leg...


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      Read the thread about that very thing, Bill, don't muddle this one with the BS of it.

      Good to see the big show of it & the courage on display.

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        I feel this is what Olympics should be like. They should make it only for amateur competitors...
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          Watching those althetes is trully humbling. Not only are they world class sportspeople, they have not only overcome challenges that would defeat most of us but they have also done all this with little expectation of the big rewards other Olympians can expect.

          They are all heroes but those who are disabled through military service cannot get enough thanks and recognition.

          I hate to sound all weepy but it does make me glad to be a human.
          What would Occam say?


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