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German military 2 use weapons on German streets

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  • German military 2 use weapons on German streets


    To be honest I didn't know that they couldn't

    The German military will in future be able to use its weapons on German streets in an extreme situation, the Federal Constitutional Court says.

    The ruling says the armed forces can be deployed only if Germany faces an assault of "catastrophic proportions", but not to control demonstrations.

    The decision to deploy forces must be approved by the federal government.

    Severe restrictions on military deployments were set down in the German constitution after Nazi-era abuses.
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    I think it's a shame that they did this.
    A smart move by the government of course. Reduce the manpower of the police, because they are expensive. Rather have the servicemen, who don't have all the bonuses, do an undefined job instead of increasing the manpower of the police and arm them up.
    Can't wait for the opinions about this from the military and their experts.


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      In some way it is a disturbing development, but in another Germany already once was in need for military force to sweep the streets. Pretty problematical, it could be used for oppression but also for saving the country.


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        Sounds pretty reasonable to me. Or maybe I didn't understand it right?

        Sounds like they are simply permitting to deploy soldiers for extreme measures, not as a replacement for police...


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          Nee, it sounds like they will useing the army should defending the country to fight against it own people, like Assad or all this "gangsters" are doing. Therefore is a need cause the people have a right to resist if anyone tries to take away the existing adjustment, what is going on. All they are doing is to declare the Bundeswehr as part of "civil war". WeŽll change soon back.
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