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  • Step Towards Peace?

    In an interesting development, the two Koreas have apparently agreed to resume cross-border rail traffic, according to a brief blurb on BBC News this morning.
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    I should view this as positive but cant.. cuz as long as Junior breathes...there is nothing but a continuation of his totalitarianism, fraud, deception and ideaology.



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      I agree.

      does anyone know if baby huey has a set heir yet?
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        Originally posted by SGT Long View Post
        I agree.
        Me, too.

        Unfortunately, for the past decades (I don't know, 5 of them?) we have seen the North say time after time, "OK, we don't want war...if you just do this for this [this part changes], then we will disband our [rocket forces, nuclear plants, whatever]." Invariably we have agreed to it, only to be screwed by them. We, collectively, learn nothing from it and do it again and again. They learn that we have no memory and will do whatever they want in exchange for a peace that they have no intention of really offering.
        Originally posted by SGT Long View Post
        does anyone know if baby huey has a set heir yet?
        Not to my knowledge.
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          Japan To Test PAC-3 Missile Defense in Tokyo: Report

          By REUTERS, TOKYO

          Japan is to test the deployment of high-tech PAC-3 missile interceptors next month at about 10 locations in Tokyo, the Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper reported Nov. 25.
          Japan’s first Patriot Advanced Capability-3 interceptors were deployed in March at Iruma Air Base in Saitama, north of Tokyo, as part of a shield introduced in response to missile tests by North Korea.
          But given their limited range, the interceptors would need to be moved closer to the political and financial hub of Tokyo to provide optimal protection if a ballistic missile attack was believed likely.
          The exercises next month will determine where the best locations for re-deployment would be, with checks to be conducted into the quality of communications and whether there are any obstacles such as skyscrapers in the areas, the Yomiuri said, quoting sources.
          PAC-3 equipment will be moved from Iruma to test locations including a national garden in Shinjuku, central Tokyo, and a military camp next to the Defence Ministry.
          The ministry plans to hold similar exercises in other parts of the country from the fiscal year starting next April, the Yomiuri added.

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            Due the North using the cult of the personality concept of leadership, we may not know about an heir until Junior is close to passing.
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