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U.S. and China Agree on Proposal for Tougher North Korea Sanctions

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  • U.S. and China Agree on Proposal for Tougher North Korea Sanctions

    The United States and China reached an agreement to impose tougher sanctions against North Korea, in what appeared to be a diplomatic shift by Beijing regarding its intransigent ally.

    The proposed resolution is the product of intense negotiations between the two nations over the last seven weeks, since Pyongyang tested a nuclear weapon it claimed was a hydrogen bomb. It was circulated to members of the United Nations Security Council on Thursday, and diplomats said it could come up for a vote in the coming days.

    Diplomats said the fact that Washington and Beijing had agreed on a set of measures increased the international pressure on the North Koreans. In the past, after previous nuclear tests condemned by the Security Council, China agreed only to banning weapons transfers and limited sanctions against those linked to the nuclear program............

    Reuters quoted the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Hua Chunying, as saying, “We hope and believe this new resolution can help effectively constrain North Korea from further developing its nuclear missile program.” The draft contains language that notes the “grave hardships” that North Korean citizens are subjected to, but says nothing about human rights abuses that have been painstakingly documented by a United Nations Commission of Inquiry.

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    Best news I have heard in a long time. The Chinese are remarkable people I at once admire them and fear them.
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