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No DPRK Unicorn After All- Bummer

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  • No DPRK Unicorn After All- Bummer

    Turns out that a unicorn lair wasn't found in NK. It was the lair of some other creature that didn't exist. Too bad for the Sexiest Man Alive. Unicorns are proven babe magnets.

    Was it a unicorn or something even more bizarre?

    In a bizarre twist to the earlier claim that archeologists had found a secret unicorn lair in North Korea, new reports claim that the lair may not have been the stomping grounds of the legendary animal after all. Instead, the fabled resting place, located in Pyongyang, may have belonged to this mythical mishmash of a beast:

    Poor Kimmy. He's trying so hard.
    Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

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