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China eyeing perks of ice-free Arctic: study

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  • China eyeing perks of ice-free Arctic: study

    STOCKHOLM (AFP) – China has started exploring how to reap economic and strategic benefits from the ice melting at the Arctic with global warming, a Stockholm research institute said Monday.

    Chinese officials have so far had been cautious in expressing interest in the region for fear of causing alarm among the five countries bordering the Arctic, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) said.

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    Well it would definitely shorten the shipping time to Europe during the summer months and also avoid some of the world's worst areas for piracy. It could be interesting to see if they decide to support one side or another in the dispute over the territorial status of the North-West Passage.
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      First... The Arctic won't be ice-free any time in the near or even mildly distant future.

      Second... Almost all of the area above the Arctic Circle falls into the EEZ of one or more nations...

      Third... About 70% of the oil & gas potential north of the Arctic Circle is in the US, Canadian and Russian EEZ's...
      More than 70 percent of the mean undiscovered oil resources is estimated to occur in five provinces: Arctic Alaska, Amerasia Basin, East Greenland Rift Basins, East Barents Basins, and West Greenland–East Canada. More than 70 percent of the undiscovered natural gas is estimated to occur in three provinces, the West Siberian Basin, the East Barents Basins, and Arctic Alaska.

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