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  • India China Standoff latest

    India China Standoff latest .

    As the first snow hardly 2 & 1/2 months Away,

    Armchair strategist in India and abroad are busy betting , that if Chinese will attack India ???

    Or will flex muscles against Taiwan.

    The period just before Snowfall has always been favorite time for Chinese to attack.

    Indian External Spy Wing controlled Tibetan Indian special forces has attacked and taken over few Chinese Posts, giving the Chinese quite a shock.

    Now at least in Ladakh Sector Indians has regained lost ground.

    Winter will test the Resolve of Chinese Armies Capability to sustain & operate in most inhospitable terrain in World.
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    Indian External Spy Wing controlled Tibetan Indian special forces has attacked and taken over few Chinese Posts,

    The Unit is called SFF / Vikas Battalion / Establishment 22.

    Till now they never existed officially, now their details have been made public.

    Key Points
    • History: SFF was established on 14th November 1962 in the immediate aftermath of the 1962 Sino-India war.
    • After the 1962 war, the Central Intelligence agency (CIA) and Intelligence Bureau (IB) decided to train a 5,000-strong force of Tibetans for possible missions against China.
    • The CIA had been involved in a covert programme to train Tibetan guerrillas to fight the Chinese forces in Tibet since the 1950s. The Central Intelligence Agency is a civilian foreign intelligence service of the federal government of the United States of America.
    • During the1950s, CIA and IB established Mustang Base in Mustang in Nepal, which trained Tibetans in guerilla warfare. The Mustang rebels brought the 14th Dalai Lama to India during the 1959 Tibetan Uprising.
    • The recruits initially consisted of Tibetan refugees hailing from the Khampa community (now it has a mixture of Tibetans and Gorkhas).
    • Itwas previously named Establishment-22 as it was raised by Major General Sujan Singh Uban, an Artillery officer who had commanded 22 Mountain Regiment.
    • About: SFF falls under the purview of the Cabinet Secretariat where it is headed by an Inspector General who is an Army officer of the rank of Major General.

    It is commonly believed that the SFF was raised by India in coordination with US intelligence agencies. However, former CIA officer John Kennet Knaus, who worked extensively in Tibet, wrote in Orphans of the Cold War: America and the Tibetan Struggle for Survival that while the SFF had “Washington’s full endorsement”, it was B N Mullik, chief of India’s Intelligence Bureau, who created the SFF “on his own”. But A Tom Grunfeld, history professor at the State University of New York, wrote in a paper in 2000 that the Indian government had created a “Tibetan military force called the Special Frontier Force with US support” and “eventually 12,000 Tibetans were trained by US Special Forces (Green Berets) and partly funded by the US to operate from bases along the Kashmir frontier where they crossed the border into Tibet planting electronic listening devices”.

    Special Frontier Force takes its first casualties in Ladakh intrusions

    At 7 a.m. on Tuesday, a small army convoy rolled into the Tibetan settlement of Choglamsar, adjoining Leh, the capital of Ladakh. Inside a truck, draped in the Indian tricolor, lay the coffin of Company Leader Nyima Tenzin of the Special Frontier Force (SFF), an elite paratroop unit manned by volunteers from the 120,000-strong Tibetan refugee community in India.

    An army officer handed over Tenzin’s body to his wife and three children, telling them that the circumstances of his death had to remain secret and to turn away inquiring presspersons.

    A Tibetan nationalist at heart, with his loyalty to the traditional Snow Lion flag, Nyima Tenzin completed his last journey wrapped in the tricolor by a grateful nation, which he had served for 33 years and for which he laid down his life on the towering heights above the Pangong Lake.

    The army also delivered news of the grievous wounding of 24-year-old Tenzin Londhen in the same operation. Both these soldiers were from 7 VIKAS, one of the seven SFF battalions – almost a division worth of Special Forces – that have been moved to Ladakh and deployed against the Chinese.

    Details of the operation in which Tenzin died remain secret but it is learned to have resulted in Chinese casualties.


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      SFF / Vikas Battalion / Establishment 22


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        The video explaining topography and recent Action By: SFF / Vikas Battalion / Establishment 22

        The Question still remains why Chinese attacked on the first place.

        Despite border dispute no bullet was fired in last 47 year's, till last fortnight.

        This Video ponders on same thoughts.


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          Chinese are showing similar tactics used in 1962 war. Use of Loudspeakers,

          just before their attack.

          Just too familiar. Unlike Nehru Mr Modi has not been insulted by Chinese state media.

          Winter has arrived and temperature has dipped below - minus 15 Celsius.

          Chinese cold related casualties have been observed by our troops.


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            Sino-Indian logjam: Facts, risks, options and the sum of all fears

            If winter is here, spring can’t be far behind for Indian Army to trounce China’s People’s Liberation Army. Indian forces should pay Chinese back in their own coin.

            LT GEN PR SHANKAR (Retd)

            China may be reinforcing eastern Ladakh with additional troops, but it does not realise that high-altitude warfare is vastly different. Why? Simple. Difference between political and professional armies. Isolated more than ever before, China is already in a trap of its own making. Now, Indian forces should hold tight, maintain a low profile but stay vigilant till winter sets in. Once winter sets in, they should start harassing the Chinese in the rear and spook them in the front.



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