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Why US Air Force pulls bombers from Guam

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    Originally posted by vikram72 View Post

    It's not in my humble capacity to advise my Government,

    But if I could, US and India should consider conducting joint Air exercises from Aksai - Chin, Ladakh to meghalaya - Assam, along with Indo - China border.

    It will be good for us.

    US &h USAF helped India with flying missions in 1962 Indo - China war.

    I agree! although I would expand it to an across-the-board cooperation. Link to an interesting article from the Council of Foreign Relations, dated May 4, 2020 - " The Pandemic and China are strengthening US - India Relations, For Now"

    excerpt 1

    Both countries have a stake in ensuring that they do not cede influence to China in the provision of pandemic relief, especially to smaller countries in the region. The pursuit of influence continues unabated despite the pandemic. China’s missteps such as allowing the pandemic to spread, focusing more on shifting blame than investigating the origins of the virus, using pandemic aid for publicity, and engaging in assertive military behavior toward its smaller neighbors have helped but they only provide an opportunity, not a guarantee, for regional leadership. The United States has stepped up diplomatic consultations for cooperation with a geographically diverse group of countries, which has now been dubbed the Quad-plus because it includes South Korea, Vietnam and New Zealand in addition to the original Quad (United States, India, Australia and Japan). The crisis could help generate subsequent strategic cooperation—the original Quad grew out of multilateral cooperation after the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

    ================================================== ============

    excerpt 2 - Now they are alienating Indonesia, the country with the fourth largest population in the world.

    Meanwhile, in Southeast Asia, the PLA has been particularly aggressive toward Indonesia and Vietnam. Chinese fishing vessels accompanied by coast guard ships have been intruding in Indonesian waters off the Natuna Islands. Last week, China also established two districts on disputed territories in the South China Sea. China this week also targeted a Philippine Navy vessel that was conducting territorial defense operations and sovereignty patrol. And in a more serious incident in early April, Chinese ships hit and sank a Vietnamese fishing vessel near the Paracel Islands, leading Vietnam to issue a formal diplomatic protest. The U.S. State Department also put out a strongly worded statement, expressing serious concern at “the latest in a long string of PRC actions to assert unlawful maritime claims and disadvantage its Southeast Asian neighbors in the South China Sea.”


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      A rarely known fact is that Japan also uses Guam. Japan Air Self Defense Force at Andersen:

      Flag: USA / Location: West Coast




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