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Four Australian military legends that are more myth than fact

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  • Four Australian military legends that are more myth than fact

    From Gallipoli to Kokoda, stories of war heroism and mateship on the battlefield are etched into Australia's national identity.

    But some of our famed military legends may be more fiction than fact.

    "I think we tend to discard complicated and inconvenient truths and replace them with simplistic and comforting — sometimes allegorical — stories," says historian Mark Dapin, who is presenting an RN series investigating myths of war.
    Read about a few of the myths in the link below...

    "In modern war... you will die like a dog for no good reason."
    Ernest Hemingway.

    In english "silence" means yelling louder than everyone else.

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    Australian Military history is liberally littered with “myths” but,perhaps, not more than elsewhere.
    I suggest Zombie Myths of Australian Military Myths “ edited by Craig Stockings. “ The 10 Myths That Will Not Die “.Contributors included historians such as Craig Wilcox,Elizabeth Greenhalgh and Peter Stanley.
    "I dogmatise and am contradicted, and in this conflict of opinions and sentiments I find delight".
    Samuel Johnson.


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