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The silly season in Korea

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  • The silly season in Korea

    The latest claims on N. Korean nuclear tests are rather silly:

    In an academic paper, experts from Yonsei University, in Seoul, have said that the pressure of the force of a nuclear bomb being detonated underground could affect the magma of the Mount Paektu volcano, which is situated a mere 70 miles away
    Who'd they get to do this paper...? Al Gore? That pretty thin if you ask me. No, I'm not some sympathizer for N. Korea and Kim Jong Ding-a-ling but this is really reaching if you ask me.

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    and look at the missiles that the north koreans have tested recently all of which have failed
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      Originally posted by killemall View Post
      and look at the missiles that the north koreans have tested recently all of which have failed
      Better check that again. They managed to put something in orbit. What it is still not know, perhaps the late Chief of Staff.
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