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Japan's Abe says party 'must achieve results' after poll win

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  • Japan's Abe says party 'must achieve results' after poll win

    Shinzo Abe says his party must "move forward and achieve results" following its landslide election victory.

    The conservative Liberal Democratic Party won almost 300 seats and, with its coalition partner, looks set for a two-thirds majority in the lower house.
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    I am all for Mr. Abe's call for a revision in Japan's pacifist constitution. The nations surrounding PRC need to get assertive, there is no room for pacifism around a resurgent and out of control PRC. As the PRC's vibrant economy fuels military spending to new heights it emboldens them more and more.


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      I am a bit concerned with his ideas to revive Japan's economy, here's a few....

      Mr Abe has suggested that the central bank should print an "unlimited" amount of yen as a measure to help fight falling prices. The idea is that with more money sloshing about the system, everyone should more have cash in their pocket and be happier to spend.
      Mr Abe has also promised to implement policies to weaken the yen - an issue that has been at the heart of Japan's economic problems in recent times and something his plan for spending could also help tackle.
      Another of Mr Abe's proposals has been to get the Bank of Japan to take more measures to help revive the economy, including buying government bonds.

      Mr Abe wants to boost government spending on public-works and infrastructure in an attempt to spur growth, and he had said he wanted the central bank to buy government bonds to help finance the increased spending.
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        huh. Qualitative easing too, eh...
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