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Frederick van Zyl Slabbert 1940 to 2010

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  • Frederick van Zyl Slabbert 1940 to 2010

    An icon of anti apartheid SA passed away on Friday morning. He was an active MP for many years and led the official opposition during the apartheid years. He subsequently left parliament in the mid 80's in opposition to the regime. He actively sought dialogue between the whites and the blacks and was instrumental in bringing together the Dakar conference of the late eighties.

    He was born into an Afrikaans family in the heart of hate, Pretoria, and attended school in the North of the country which has always been traditionally conservative.

    He was a published author, with perhaps his best known work being The Last White Parliament: The Struggle for South Africa, by the Leader of the White Opposition.

    His last post was as Chancellor of Stellenbosch university, and due to heart problems he left the post late last year.

    A great South African who did much to get us to where we are today.

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    Indeed one of the more remarkable personalities in the South African political landscape.
    A man from solid Afrikaner background, even a not untalented rugby player or so I understood,
    while at the same time a brilliant and progressive thinker, in favour of 'one man - one vote', while Apartheid still ruled.
    Slabbert's stance made him understandably highly suspect in the Boer community to which he belonged;
    OTOH it make him an obvious choice to initiate the (then still secret) talks with exiled ANC leadership as MM already pointed out, the 1987 Dakar meetings.
    Slabbert didn't take the easy way, but found the high moral courage to speak out and stand up for justice.
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