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    An Austrian Camp for training of native soldiers of the EU -Trainingsmission in Mali in Koulikoro were attacked by terrorists equiped by tanks 20190225_043739.jpg and armored motorcicles on Sunday. The attack was defeated and all 16 Austrian soldiers are ok.

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    Originally posted by casanova View Post
    armored motorcicles
    Sounds pretty absurd to me.
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      I'm pretty sure GI joes had one in the 1980s series


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        Originally posted by nastle View Post
        I'm pretty sure GI joes had one in the 1980s series
        Chile used an armoured Harley with a Maxim armed side car in the 1930s Armoured Harleys were also produced for police 'gangster squads' in the US they apparently had a Thomson sub machine gun fitted for the rider (no side car). Not seen any photos only an item in the New York Times but I think that the NYPD had some
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          The Irish Army is deploying a very small number of Army Ranger Wing (our special forces) to Mali to join the Irish contingent currently there as part of the UN mission in a training capacity. It will be the first time any members of the Irish Army will see combat since Chad in 2008.
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