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    Just finished watching another documentary on Somali pirates and guess what it is the Europeans fault. It seems it is especially the U.S. government's fault because according to one of the pirates they have not been given enough free stuff. It reminds me of the guy next door who works just enough to pay for his drug habit and will undoubtedly be totally dependent on social security in a few years. He is one of those extroverts that loves to display his humanity and sensitivity while destroying his life and the life of everyone around him. The documentary closes with the pirate saying that he will have to start cutting the throats of crewmen taken hostage if Western nations choose a military solution. Right after a clip of how a female member of one of the patrolling the coast explains why she feels for the pirates. It's like watching my drug addled neighbor explain why he had to kick his girlfriend to the curb because she was the reason he was using drugs. Nothing is ever these peoples fault. They prey on the humanity of others like sociopaths.

    One of the excuses that prevailed throughout the documentary was the effect that foreign fishing was having on Somali fishermen. I took a deeper look at that issue an while unsustainable fishing is a problem worldwide fishing has never been anything more than a subsistence activity for a tiny percentage of Somalis. Although the waters off the coast of Somali are unusually rich even in times of hunger Somalis have typically rejected fish because of rigid customs. Somalia's dysfunctional politics are apparently only matched by dysfunctional traditions. Interestingly in a display of his humanity the pirate informs us that the ransom for Muslims is a fraction of what they charge for non Muslims. Another example of the beneficence of the religion of peace.

    Somalia is yet another example of what happens to a society in which property rights are secondary to tribal affiliation. Where identity is more important than honesty. Where the soft bigotry of low expectations can be exploited by a sociopathic culture of tribalism .

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    Start sinking some Somali boats. We may not get the right ones every time, but the Navy needs some target practice. Disarm any boats with weapons onboard. If we catch them firing on anyone, sink the ship. Any people found onshore with hostages will be taken at least 5 miles to sea and let them swim home! These people do not respect us. Let them learn to fear us.
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      I suggest some carpet bombing to remind them of reality.


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        How much trouble have the Somali pirates been recently? Between international naval patrols and armed security Hadn't heard much lattely from them.
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          Originally posted by 17thfabn View Post
          How much trouble have the Somali pirates been recently? Between international naval patrols and armed security Hadn't heard much lattely from them.
          In the first six months of 2018, there have been 107 attempted and actual attacks by pirates globally, up from 87 in the same time span last year, according to a new report from the Interregional Coordination Center International Maritime Bureau.

          The increase has been disproportionately located in the Gulf of Guinea on Sub-Saharan Africa’s west coast.

          The gulf, which has accounted for over 40 percent of the attacks worldwide so far in 2018, faces unique governmental, geographic and developmental challenges. Nigeria, which makes up a vast majority of the attacks in the Gulf of Guinea, has proven to be especially vulnerable to pirates.

          IMB Piracy & Armed Robbery Map 2019

          My interest was driven more by the psychology than the practical aspects. People who choose to be pirates take enormous risks often for little reward. There are of course two kinds of pirates state sponsored and free agents. The latter seem to have throughout history taken a live free or die attitude towards life. If any of the current piracy is state sponsored I'm unaware of it. While the Somali pirates interviewed seem to suggest that they are only pirates because foreign interests have forced the life style on them I suspect that is not so much the case. Piracy is akin to other lifestyles such as warlords. When ever the shackles of central authority are weak there seem to be a subset of people who take up the opportunity to raid as means of economic advancement. I doubt however that it is purely economics that drive the behavior, perhaps they are just looking for the excitement that they can't find in ordinary pursuits. Raiding is a feature of every stone age tribal society I know of. As has been often noted civilization is a thin veneer.
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