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Boko Haram (allegedly) members kill 99 at Church in Nigeria, What leads to this?

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  • Boko Haram (allegedly) members kill 99 at Church in Nigeria, What leads to this?

    Fighters used explosives and heavy guns to attack a village and worshippers during a Christian church service in Nigeria's northeast, killing at least 99 people and razing hundreds of homes, officials and witnesses said.

    Of course, the members of Boko Haram are a disgrace to humanity. I think something unique should be addressed itt, which is what makes a young man turn to extremism, weather it be a violent Christian Mob who attacks random Muslims, or violent Muslims who think attacking Church members is ok. Its my view that there is something at play here that folks are missing, which is the opportunity to gain money/land/resources. Its my view that these violent groups as we see in Nigeria, and around the world for that matter, often employ mafia/prison gang tactics as opposed to anything associated with True Islam or True Christianity.

    The situation in Nigeria continues to be a dire one. A discussion has previously been brought up which included the argument that many of the instances in Africa are to be blamed on "Tribal violence" as opposed to folks who identify as Christian and Muslim and then carry out attacks on random innocents.

    To live in a place like Nigeria, must be tumultuous for the random dude who is just trying to live a regular life. IMO, poverty plays a big role in the instability that Nigeria is currently facing. At the same time, someone has to be funding both the Christian and Muslim militias in Nigeria, weather it is internal or external forces is the key aspect.

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    Centuries of hatred is what leads to this.




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      Not exactly centuries.

      From memory: Since major oil recovery began in the south of the country and the Niger delta, the major political divisions have been between the northern tribes and the southern tribes with a power sharing arrangement since around 2000 (?) that rotates the major leadership positions between northerners and southerners.

      From all accounts, Nigeria is a kleptocracy. Each faction's turn in government is considered a license to steal. When too much gets stolen and not enough distributed outside the capital, various political factions use tribal militias and gangs to pressure the government and the oil companies for a bigger cut.

      Boko Haram is a late comer taking advantage of the higher proportion of Muslims in the northern provinces. It's a Salafist group with a fair number of outsiders who see an opportunity to build a power base in a politically unstable state like Nigeria.
      Any metaphor will tear if stretched over too much reality.

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