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  • Military Channel?

    How do I get the Military Channel? It's like the History channel but it's all about History about Military!
    I have Foxtel and I am wondering,can i recieve the Military channel from Foxtel or do i have to go though something else to receive this channel?

    Thank you.

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    If they have it in Australia, get Direct TV. Direct TV has Military channel and a boatload of other channels I consider good stuff, like National Geographic, Science Channel, etc. And it might be cheaper than Cable. Only hitch is that if it storms real bad, the satellite signal can get lost. So weigh it, with all consideration. Best of luck!
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      My advice Heidi, do like I do, I download the shows off of a newsgroup.

      I haven't actually watched a military documentary show from a TV service in years.

      For instance, Patton 360 is easier to download than it is to find on regular programming.
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        Thanks! Sounds great.
        I try both of those suggestions!

        Thank you.


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          I'd recommend going with DirecTV if it's available.

          You can get the Military Channel in their $39.99/month package. It also comes with Discovery, History, History International, Nat Geo, NASA TV, Science Channel, and a bunch of others.
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            I was actually looking for the package of the three channels.
            Direc TV is American?
            I not sure if thats in Australia,i'll have to check up on it.



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