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Last years of the Weimar Republic

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    Great stuff .
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      Great thread! I found it looking to see if a youtube video I found interesting had already been posted somewhere on the forums. I don't think so. The you tube posting is obviously after the Weimer Republic, it shows Berlin, supposedly 1935 although a comment says it is from 1939. In any case, I found the 8 minute plus video interesting. The video is called Berlin 1935 in Farbe.

      The comments are interesting too, as they shed some light on current opinions.
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        One day I happened to turn on Fox News,by accident,I was going to CNN and hit the wrong number. This was just before Glenn Beck was fired. He compared over 30 points between the U.S. and the Weimar Republic. Personally,I think Beck is certifiable,so it didn't impress me much. Only a couple things I saw was the same. Only a psychotic like him would think so.
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