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The Mediterranean 1940-1944

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    Originally posted by nikolas93TS View Post
    Thanks to you all! I was bit busy yesterday,so I finished only 3 videos,but today I will send the rest
    Rep also on route .
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      1941 German-Italian Aerial Co-operation

      January 1941. Giornale Italie. Corpo Aereo Tedesco in Italia

      Translation by nikolas93TS
      The German Air Corps in Italy spends its rest time engaging in tourism with our Italian hosts. Our Carabinieri (Police term, once used for military police) and young Avangardistis (Fascist youth 14-17 years of age) serve as improvised guides.
      On one airfield loaned to the Germans, lunch is accompanied by music and songs on the part of air force personnel. Officials share their meal with the soldiers.
      Radio and telegraph serviceman at work in a command center. Pilots study the Mediterranean routes.

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        Originally posted by nikolas93TS View Post
        Skoblin I only now see this thread....I will send you the translations during the day...Nice videos really
        Thanks a million Nikolas for the translations !!!

        It is so much more interesting having an idea on how these events were presented to their audiences of the day.

        Rep coming your way !


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          1941 Stuka-Angriff Auf La Valetta

          January 29, 1941. Deutsche Wochenschau No. 543. Stuka-Angriff Auf La Valetta

          The German and Italian battle flags flutter from a single flagpole at an airfield in southern Italy. German and Italian pilots are leading together the struggle against the British naval patrols in the Mediterranean. On the tarmac, German and Italian aircraft are at the ready. Junker JU-87 dive-bombers are loaded up. The formation begins to taxi. In tight formation they head south. The target is Malta: the British Mediterranean base. The target has been reached. Below us is La Valetta, Malta. This is the most important British naval base between Gibraltar and the Suez Canal. Bombs away on the harbour of La Valetta. Here, among others, the British aircraft carrier Illustrious has been hit by the bombs of our Stukas and heavily damaged. The attack of our Luftwaffe in the Mediterranean has taken the British by surprise. The British press reports that the German and Italian bombers have already hit the British Mediterranean fleet hard.


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