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The Mediterranean 1940-1944

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  • Canuckster
    Great stuff Skoblin ! I don't post on every thread but certainly look at all the ones you post on this video forum. Your work, and especially the background info in English, on ALL these threads are much appreciated.

    Was 'LUCE' (icon shown in upper right of vids), the Italian version of propoganda film department, similar to German IFA?

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  • Nick the Noodle
    Originally posted by skoblin
    June 18, 1940. Giornale Italie No. 49.
    Along with Crete, Malta is one of the places I need to visit soon. Cheers skoblin .
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  • Nick the Noodle
    This something I didn't expect to be interested in !

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  • Skoblin
    started a topic The Mediterranean 1940-1944

    The Mediterranean 1940-1944

    January 12, 1940. Giornale Italie.

    Translation provided by Nikolas93TS
    Squadron of submarines are preparing to leave the anchor for exercises of attack and launching torpedoes on moving targets.
    Once arrived on designated positions and locating the target,submarine dives for launching the torpedoes.
    While moving on surface,diesel engines are used,but once underwater,only silent electric motors are used.
    Commander brings the submerged vessel in favourable position for attack.Getting to bigger depth,launching tubes are reloaded for new strike.

    March 29, 1940. Giornale Italie. Eugenio di Savoia was part of the fourth group of Condottieri light cruisers, also known as Duca d'Aosta class.During the war she fought in the following actions; Battle of Punta Stilo,Operation Harpoon,Operation Pedestal.After the armistice in 1943, she was used as a training ship in Suez. She was transferred to Greece in 1949 as part of the Peace treaty. She was renamed Elli (Έλλη) and served until 1965.

    Translation provided by Nikolas93TS
    We are in Italy.Launch of seaplane from Eugenio di Savoia.The hard filming is done by out operator on plane and it's first of it's kind.
    Air plane is placed on launching platform,and it being moved in the positions by cables using electric motor.
    Then plane is locked by copper bar.Then air pressure in propulsion system is on maximum,copper bar broke and plane is launched.
    In only 40m plane gets 150km/h! Process is delicate and hard,absolute attention is necessary. The pilot is ready.

    May 20, 1940. Giornale Italie. The Italian navy conducts mine sweeping maneuvers in the Mediterranean.

    Translation provided by Nikolas93TS

    Now you see some of ours mine sweepers in systematic sweeping,action necessary during the war time,for securing safe routes.
    Two sweeping cables are inserted,together with floating boxes.Cables are provided with cutters,for use against tied mines.You can see how it works.
    Minesweepers are already in actions.Crew is careful,because once mine is floating,it's necessary to sink it with machine guns.Sometime it explode.
    Even merchant fleet assist.Here are motor-boats lining along coast line for mine sweeping with new system.System works by linking the boats
    with heavy cable,and intending to catch mine cable.
    Once mine is located,it's transferred for deactivation.

    June 18, 1940. Giornale Italie No. 49. The island of Malta, claimed by Italy. Shown are ships of the Royal Navy (probably HMS Warspite, HMS Malaya, and the escort carrier HMS Eagle). An unveiling of a bust in honour of Fortunato Mizzi, founder of the pro-Italian movement on Malta.

    Translation provided by Nikolas93TS
    Let's take a look on Malta,second pistol pointed against Italy.
    Founded by Knights Hospitallers,taken by Napoleon,then reconquered by British.
    They promised the return of island to Knights Hospitallers after the war,however as usual,
    they forgot the promise,and transformed Malta into formidable fortress,the key of Mediterranean.
    British (English) fleet anchored in Grand Harbour protected by many forts.
    This is Valletta.Old fort Saint Elmo.It watching the entrance of Small (Marsamxett) Harbour and Grand Harbour.Church of Saint John,protector of Order.
    The Theatre.Governor Palate.
    Malta in every place and time had defended it's Italian belonging.An unveiling of a bust in honour of Fortunato Mizzi, founder of the pro-Italian movement on Malta.

    July 21, 1940. Giornale Italie. Italian anti-aircraft drills.

    Translation provided by Nikolas93TS
    A highlight on our air defence.
    On convenient distance from defended areas are spotting posts.This is one aero-phone,capable of registering the engine rumour and determinate the direction of plane.
    Informations from spotting post are transmitted to local defence HQ.Officer on duty determinate the position and direction of enemy planes and alarms the defence centres.
    In same time are alarmed the air base and all AA batteries.
    We are in the base.Commander receive the command and give the signal with flare pistol.Pilots are running to prepared planes.
    While the pilots are preparing,the AA batteries are in alert.The artillery men are going to their positions.Spotters,gunners,re-loaders are ready while fighters take off.
    Meanwhile, electronic centre automatic calculate the distance and other instructions to all batteries.Cannons are pointed.The timing of fuses.Guns are ready!

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