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    There was a decent Korean War movie I saw around '87 that had a Danish soldier seperated from his unit. Damned if I can recall the title,tho'
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      Originally posted by Wodin
      I remember seeing a blck and white American movie but I cant remember the name of it.

      A platoon of soldiers were having to defend a mountain pass whilst the Army retreats. It is set in the winter and there is a scene with a minefield. They were hold up in a cave if I remember right.

      At the end the Chinese/North Koreans attacked with tanks.

      Anyone know the name of the film? I've seen it twice but along time ago. I remember it being very gritty and a good film.
      Sounds very like the Chosin Reservoir.
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        Fixed Bayonets is Correct, Not Steel Helmet

        Scouts Out provided the correct answer to the original question asking for the name of the movie with the plot partially described by Wodin. It's "Fixed Bayonets (1951)" not the other, similar film, "Steel Helmet (1951)"(although Sam Fuller directed both of them, they were both released in 1951, and Fuller's favorite actor, Gene Evans, stars in both films).

        Evans is the main star of "Helmet", but, as noted in the piece Scouts Out posted, Richard Basehart was the principal star in "Bayonets". "Helmet" ended with a 'monastary' scene, while "Bayonets" featured the defense of the snow-filled mountain pass and the minefield incident Wodin remembered. "Bayonets" ends with the remnants of the rear guard led by Basehart crossing a river and finally rejoining the main body while the orchestra in the background plays "Back Home Again in Indiana." Both films were featured in a recent documentary on Fuller's work and Foxmovie channel played "Bayonets" just a couple of weeks ago.
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