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The Battle for Marjah

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  • The Battle for Marjah

    Just saw this from HBO's on demand in the documentaries, and I must say it was even better than Restrepo!!! The battle of Marjah in Afganistan in 2010 where the new battle plan from Obama it seems went into effect. Very real and very chilling in the end I must say, makes you think thank god I don't live over there!!!

    I could'nt help but think about that we are sneaking up on 10 years since 9/11 and the after affects of it is still going on there today. This show is very intense and well worth trying to find it.

    Cheers, we need more of these types of Docs, outstanding!!!

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    Operation MOSHTARAK - Marjah - Helmand Province

    I'm watching it right now, very impressive, must match docu on Astan along with Restrepo


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      Thanks for the post and interest Boony!!

      The Marines get choppered into the outskirts of Margah (feb, 2010), then have to go through some IED terrain, then take small arms and RPG fire from the Taliban in near by houses.

      One Marine is hit in the leg by some RPG shrapnel and is medivacked out.
      They then get into some cover in some houses and walls then dig out wall holes to fire back. It was noted by the Marines that the Taliban here now are MUCH better shots compared to when they did this last year......

      Cheers, more later



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        Do you know what are those A-POB rockets they use? never seen them before.


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          You can have yourself a little follow up on the movie with this:


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            Was anyone bothered by the Marine Officers praising the Afghan Army and then the scenes of the Marines in battle having to push them into fighting. I got a very bad feeling as this has replay of times before,


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              I'm sure they cut in the "officials" commenting that both forces are "working together hand in hand".... LOL. Then the contrast of that when they were on the ground and in combat. Remember that Afgan with the silly grin and kept pointing his gun at all the other troops, and one of the Marines kept telling him to "sit down".

              I'm sure there are some well trained Afgan troops, but how many compared to this guy.......???!!

              Did you note that Captain (I think) at the start, and the Marines can deal with anything. Did'nt hear much of that after they got into the combat there.

              Pretty shocking about that 8 hours or more delay in those called in air strikes while the mission gets kicked up to the brass to see if it will damage relations if to many civilians get killed in said air strike.

              The mission was a lot tougher with this, why even bother calling it in then.

              That sniper side of the show and when they found him all chewed up and dead. Did you beleave that guy was NOT a Taliban and was forced to fight?? Aty least that was what his uncle? stated at the time....

              Cheers, HHM, if that guy was forced and took all those shots and had 4 hits on our guys, thank god he was'nt "really" a Taliban. Ha Ha.



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