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  • Tron Legacy vs. Tron

    I saw the Tron sequel last Saturday. It was decent, but I think I like original Tron more. It's not a matter of thinking Tron: Legacy wasn't well done, it's more of a fact that I liked those old '80s animation bits. As visually cool as the new light cycle scene was, I still love the old version more.

    Although Tron: Legacy did do a bang up job of maintaining the golden rule established with The Matrix: All action scenes are made better by the addition of techno music. (Seriously, find any action scene, add techno, and tell me it doesn't work. I'm quite sure this has to be a lost biblical commandment.)
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    One reason why the sequel is better.


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      I haven't seen it yet, but is she is in the movie I think I will go warm up the car.


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        ..i liked it a lot, and CLU is a cinematic triumph, trying to find faults with it the whole movie but it seriously looked totally Jeff Bridges had been brought back from 25 years ago...

        ..favourite scene in the movie was when Sam was taken onto the grid for the first time and runs out from "Flynns" to see that he is now in the computer....hella cool..!!!!


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          OMG!! OMFG!! Tron is AWESOME!!

          I had to pay $23 dollars for a 3D matinee for me and my date (3D was the only thing available the bastards). So I went into this movie in a very bad mood. TRON: Legacy is epic from beginning to end. It's smart, savvy, and Bridges just Fing rocks both as Flynn and CLU. The character Tron is somewhat wasted, although the had scenes where Bruce Boxleitner looked that part and even fought (as Allan he looks REAL old).

          I was totally blown away. I usually don't care for sequels, but this one needs one just because the grid is such a fascinating place, the way it looks, the way the programs are even more human than in the original. I almost wish there was a Tron drama on syfy, kinda like Caprica, cause I wanna see the nitty gritty of it all.

          Go see this movie! It was worth the $23 dollars and it pains me to say it. Well, that and I only see out of my right eye when both are open so 3D does nothing for me. See this movie....then get the soundtrack cause the score is PERFECT! I didn't think one named Daft Punk could perfectly capture the feel of Tron in music, and did it he did.
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            I saw it in IMAX 3D and really enjoyed it. BTW I like the brunette better.


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