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Documntary deals lessons learned

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    started a topic Documntary deals lessons learned

    Documntary deals lessons learned

    Soooo I thought I was getting a deal buying tinned sets for 10 bucks at Zellers.

    Nope, I might really have been suckered.

    Madacy Entertainment March to Victory Road to Rome, total write off by the looks of things. Disc one, none of the video matches the dialogue. No I'm not saying it is just a but unrelated, I am saying there were no Shermans in Albania in 1940 serving with the Italian Centauro division

    I then looked at Disc 2. Gee what a surprise, more disc content having nothing in common with the video.

    I'm left to wonder if this garbage is accidental, or merely just a case of callous disinterest in dumping junk on the market at buyer beware prices.

    I've bought 3 other tinned sets all from Madacy in the last month or so. All WW2 themes.
    I'm hoping they were not as bad.

    Shheesh, ya try to go honest for a change and buy the things, and ya gets screwed over
    None of my damned downloads are ever this crummy.

    Plus, it reinforces my belief, that the only good docus were made 20 and 30 years ago. There's nothing much good under the sun that has been done recently. Fancy CGI and rehashed repackaged supposedly 'unique never seen the light of day' archival footage. Yeah right.

    I get more mileage out of grainy as hell badly transferred to digital from tapes I made off the TV in the 80s in most cases. It's the right footage, the host is saying things that match the damned footage, and the gaffes are kept to a very bare minimum.

    I need to stop thinking I can get a deal off of anything made in recent years.

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