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Top 5 movie tough guys and gals.

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  • Top 5 movie tough guys and gals.

    I'm not on about actors and actresses doing a 'tough person role' here, I'm talking about the actual toughest 'Characters' in the movie world.
    The kind of Character that feels so real, you wouldn't pick a fight with in a bar in real life.

    Here's mine:

    #5: 'Tom Mullen' played by Mel Gibson in the movie Ransom.
    Overcoming and bravely standing in, an incredibly compromising situation and beating the odds, to save the life of his kidnapped son, then takes on the kidnapper single handed.

    #4: 'Ellen' played by Sharon Stone in The Quick And The Dead.
    An uncompromising, but not emotionless woman, who overcomes her inner fear of failure, to get justice for her father's murder against a town full of cowards and dangerous gunslingers.

    #3: 'Billy' played by Sonny Landham in Predator.
    A Marine, a successful Marine, who is "Afraid of no man". Then faces the Predator while armed with only a machete.
    Need I say more?

    #2: 'John McClane' played by Bruce Willis in the Die Hard saga.
    A tough cop with a past, able to adjust to any given situation and does whatever possible to stay alive and bring the bad guys to justice, all at the same time.

    My number #1 is: 'Dillon' played by Charles S Dutton in the movie Alien3.
    A murderer who reluctantly takes on the role of group leader in an unusually dangerous situation.
    He even says "I'll f*ck you" and shouts "Is this as hard as you bite, Motherf*cker?!" as the Alien is tearing him apart!
    Now that's tough!


    ... what are your top five?
    I am St Germain. I am...
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    It begins and ends with Denny.

    However there's also Bullet Tooth Tony and his friend Desert Eagle, point five O.

    But then we shouldn't forget the classics. Vic had cow choking hands.

    Sometimes it's a group thing.

    And last but not least, one for the gals.

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      Anybody who hates grapefruit as much as I do makes it on the list....


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        Guys, don't bother answering to signature spammers, they are systematically banned


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