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Downfall: The final days in Hitler's bunker

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  • Downfall: The final days in Hitler's bunker

    German-made and acted dramatisation (English subtitles) of the last days in Hitler's bunker. Seems to be most accurate account yet; dialogue and events being largely based on recollections of Hitler's private secretary and other staff who were in the bunker during the final days. Don't remember seeing Martin Bormann though, although I thought he was there during part of that period. Also, the last line of Hitler's 'Last Will and Testement' differed slightly from the text of the will I had read previously, where he lays all blame for the war on the Jews:

    Actual will text: "...(blaming).......................internatio nal Jewry."
    Hitler dictating in movie: ".(blaming) Jewry and their supporters."

    Enjoyed the movie a lot!
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    Originally posted by Doctor Sinister View Post
    See also:

    And the ACG review here.

    The poisoning scene was the worst bit - I understand this is exactly how it happened, not sure from where the poisoned food story has originated, unless it's referring to the initial sedative.

    Dr. S.
    Threads already on the movie Downfall.


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