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  • Lenino (1977)

    The most accurate Polish film about Eastern Front. It tells real story of Polish 1st Inf. Div. fightning Germans on Red Army's side. Battle took place in 1943, after Kursk, and resulted as follows: entire unit suffered great losses without winning objective.


    While Brittania's Huns with their long-range guns
    Sailed in through the foggy dew.


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    3 Polish regiments were decimated but I don't think the Soviet leadership cared at all, not because of callousness or cruelty, but because of the scale of fighting on the Eastern Front. Considering the scale of the war, such carnage was nothing at all. 1,200,000 Soviet soldiers were killed or invalided during the battle of Moscow alone. Entire Soviet divisions vanished, 17,000 thousand men each, and couldn't be reconstituted because there was nothing left to reconstitute. I think the consensus is that 1st Inf. Div. was a good unit. The training had been as good as they could make it, and the firepower of the rifle squads was like 3.5x higher than a pre-war Polish division because they had so many more automatic weapons, but it was too green for such an assignment.
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    "Artillery adds dignity to what would otherwise be a ugly brawl."
    --Frederick II, King of Prussia


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      Well, surely Poles had higer support expectations. This is probably why some of them decided to surrender when it became clear, that battle is turning into open slaughter.

      It'a also good to know that in 1st. Div. served many former soldiers from Polish underground (e.g. former members of Home Guard, captured by NKWD) who didn't make it to Anders Army and had only two options left: 1) 1st Div. 2) labour camp.

      While Brittania's Huns with their long-range guns
      Sailed in through the foggy dew.



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