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"The Walking Dead" coming to AMC this Fall

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    I thought it was excellent-it did a good job of setting the scene & introducing the characters. It was emotionally charged, yet still had enough of the zombie element to make it interesting on that level. Knowing what happens in the comics, it should be very interesting to see how they stick to the story.
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      Not to bad for episode one

      Kinda forgot about this one again until tonight, silly me!!

      Not over the top and sems prety realistic on if this had really happened, and no held up in a mall for once (at least so far) thank god!!

      I'm wondering how far they will go in explaining how it all hapened the cause of the "zombie state" people got into. Pretty good acting as well with a variety of people and places, liked it in the end how he got in the tank in the city.

      Cheers, will on demand episode 2 right now!! How are the ratings on this so far by the way??



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        Missed epsiode one, caught episode 2. Very good special effects for a TV show. There's running zombies and shuffling zombies - looks like these guys went for the happy medium: powerwalking - or powershuffling - zombies! Slow enough to look eerie and dead, fast enough to still represent a serious threat.
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          Very good news!!!!

          "Walking Dead" Renewed For Second SeasonBy Garth Franklin
          AMC has officially announced a thirteen-episode, second season renewal of their recently launched post-zombie apocalypse series "The Walking Dead".

          Debuting on Halloween, the Frank Darabont-produced series has broken ratings records and pulled in more adults in the key 18-49 demographic than any other show in the history of cable television.

          The series premiere scored 5.3 million total viewers with 3.6 million viewers in the key demo. The second episode saw only a small drop with 4.7 million viewers and 3.3 million viewers in the key demo. Critical reviews have raved about the show.
          Zombies are popular!!!
          The muffled drums sad roll has beat the soldier's last tatoo. No more on life's parade shall meet that brave and fallen few.


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            The second ep

            Did'nt seem to "catch me" as much as the first, yep there was being trapped in a dept store, maybe something more original please (though I suspect its sort of a homage to other zombie movies....)

            Some of the Zombies did seem to move a bit to fast(like the one that climbed the fence in the construction site....) compared to others, but over all not to bad.

            The third episode seems to be a bit more intense when the two cops hook up hopefully.

            Cheers, we shall see, good to see a second season so they can go slow and flesh out the chars and situations a bit more, and production $$ as well.



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              Originally posted by hellboy30 View Post
              Very good news!!!!

              Zombies are popular!!!
              Not only did they renew the series for a second season but it will also have seven more episodes than season one.
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                Just watched episode 3, great stuff


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                  The first one is on the AMC web sire now for those without cable.
                  Are we there yet?


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                    I happened to come across this awesome fan made opening. I'm just gonna say it, this is better than the opening that they're using. Remember, this is FAN-made....I think this guy's got a job if he wants it.

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                      I'm looking forward to the new season..
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                        Me too!!
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