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  • LOST series finale

    Highly enjoyed the last 2.5 hours of LOST last night. I had watched the show from the beginning 6 years ago & it was an emotional roller coaster that ended well & wrapped up the series rather nicely. It left room for interpretation while tying up almost all of the loose ends. I also stayed up & watched the Jimmy Kimmel show where most of the cast showed up for the first post-LOST was funny & was a perfect offset to the end of the show. The "alternative" endings were all humerous take-offs of other shows.

    Did anyone else enjoy the ending to the show? Did it wrap things up for you?
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    Yeah, I liked the ending, but a few things still are a bit fuzzy. Like what ever happened to Walt and his dad? I still don't get how a plane crash, suddenly makes you end up in pergatory. Silly little thigns like that.
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